Training Begins

This is a chronicle of triathlon training that will culminate in the New Zealand Ironman on March 6, 2005.  Right now I am mixing a period of base training with some fun events. During the first week, Rob, Julie, Durdam and I all did the LA Triathlon (more photos) which was fun until the run which was hot and hilly.  After holding off Rob until mile 1, I went into the tank and walked a lot.Rob_la It was nice to see that he was working a bit too (see photo).  🙂

This past weekend, Julie, Megan and I did the Tiburon Mile (one nautical mile from Angel Island to Tiburon). The bay water tastes like _ss and it was pretty choppy.  After a big brunch we were back out biking, confirmation that triathlon obsessive behavior is getting started in earnest.

I will soon begin weekly photo posts so y’all can watch my dough boy body undergo an amazing transformation.

Up this week.  Monday = strength. Tuesday = run 45 and swim 60. Weds = strength. Thurs = run 30 and swim 60. Friday = spin. And Sentinel Triathlon on the weekend for good measure.

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