The Sentinel Triathlon went pretty well. I actually ran on the run portion. The swim felt very good courtesy of my new sleeveless wetsuit and Julie sat this one out so I had an excellent support crew.  Going around the pier there were a bunch of very noisy sea lions clearly irritated with the stream of dissembling swimmers.  The entire race was very scenic and quite fun. Race results. More photos.

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  1. Jon Luff

    Remember, the key to becoming a good triathlete is diet and a love for your bike trainer. Become one with high-protein suppliments and watching long movies while riding your bike on the trainer. A great triathlete once said, “when it comes to biking on the trainer always cowboy-up.” I’m not sure what that means, but it always seemed to make sense to me. Last year in the MLB AL finals, the Boston Redsox’s fans used the term cowboy-up. I think that it means no matter how futile your pursuits are (i.e., beating the Yankees or competing in any ironman) always remember to just keep slogging away until game seven at which point you leave Pedro on the mound past the seventh inning and then get shelled. I guess that is equivalent to making it through the bike and then having horrible cramps by mile one in the marathon. You know that the next 4 hours will be horribly painful, but in the end you will be done and can go back to Boston and spend the rest of the winter wondering why you suck. Thought for the day

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