Over Hill and Dale

There was a tidal surge in Sausalito on Sunday morning which is problematic if you want to bike past Sausalito.  Scores of weekend cyclists were being turned back on the bike path and from the freeway offramp.  Julie and I had agreed to meet my parents out past Nicasio so we didn’t have a choice.  It turns out that the only option was to head into Marin City which does not connect by road to Mill Valley. You *can* however, take some single track from the top of the ridge that heads out to Tennessee Valley and drop down into the Marin Cemetary and Mortuary and on down close to the Dipsea Cafe.  A detailed map would be handy, suffice to say, this is not the route of choice with a fancy road bike!  See camera phone image of Cervelo P3 “in the wild”   :-O

No problems after that 😉

One comment

  1. Jon Luff

    Well, well, well. Look what I see in this photo — a Cervelo out for a weekend ride. This is very very very naughty behavior. First, time trial bikes should never be out on training rides. Second, you should never never never ride your race wheel other than in a race and never never never in the winter. Training wheels only have ten to fifteen ride life spans to begin with not to mention having to ding them up when fixing a flat. Something tells me that this is too much of a “fun new toy” to keep in the garage or on the wall of the garage for you know who. I want to know whether Narendra is condoning this behavior — quietly allowing such frivolous nonsense when the two of you should be riding fixed gear bikes and spinning. I think I need to make some phone calls and have some “riders” come to your house and rid you of your awful triathlete ways. I just hope to god you are not washing it after every ride. If you are going to use it as a training bike please don’t treat it like art — it’s a tool for training and racing. Either ride it like a dirty pig or leave it on the wall!

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