No Gmail For Me!

[Disclosure: I have a bunch of friends who work at Google!]

After living through the Excite@Home debacle, I have been a long standing critic of Google’s late-90’s corporate cultuer. I also have doubts about rooms full of phDs churning out a string of great consumer applications other than search.

I was able to secure but with 4 other email accounts, I couldn’t bring myself to switch, and I also found it difficult to give away my gmail invites.

More disturbing is the fact that I even though I haven’t used my gmail account it is already innundated with spam to the tune of 10 messages per day.  Recently, I got notifications directing me on how to change my password. I assume that these were triggered by someone who was either confused or trying to hack my account. I decided to report it to their support staff and discovered a wretched "hey look, psych!" maneuver.

To initiate the process for resetting the password for your Google Account, visit the link below

Thank you for using Google.

For questions or concerns regarding your account, please send mail to

This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored
or answered.

So, I went ahead and wrote to and this is the email I got:


Thanks for contacting us. We aren’t able to respond directly to inquiries submitted to this email address.

If you are a Gmail user, please log in to your account and visit our Help Center by clicking ‘Help’ at the top of any Gmail page. If the information you are looking for is not covered in our Help Center, you can submit a request by clicking ‘Contact Us’ on the left side of any Help Center page.
This helps us route your inquiry so you can receive more information specific to your issue.

Hmmm. Why not just point me to the Help Center in the first email, instead of having me send a useless email?

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