Hard to believe it, but the long weekends are though. Now begins the "light and peppy" portion to which I’ll comment later.

We went out to Davis in search of flatness and quiet.  6 hours and 90+ miles later, Davis didn’t disappoint. It’s neighboring Vacaville has a higher assorted-vehicle-on-the-lawn and "recreator" factor but fortunately most of these folks stick to the freeway matrix.  We actually made it down to Fairfield, which must be the place for Vacavillians movin’ on up. All social commentary aside, riding is much less stressful without the cars.

The 3 hour run on Saturday was painful because I managed to roll my ankle last week, not bad, but enough to be nagging on the long run.

Enough with the whining. We leave in just over a week and whatever happens in the actual Ironman, I am feeling quite proud that I managed to bully through a 6 month schedule!

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