With any looming deadline, I seem to have an uncanny inability to prioritize and an equal penchant to sign up for added responsibility. 

That said, I will be on the plane to Auckland this evening.

And toting in no particular order:  pants, jeans, sweatshirt, 2 bike shorts, 2 water bottles, 4 fuel belt bottles, 2 goggles, 2 hand towels, 3 running shorts, 4 shorts, 5 socks, 7 boxers, rain jacket sandals, arm warmers, backpack,  swimsuit, bike, bike case, bike wheels, 2 spare tires, bike pump, bike tools, grease, rags, bike jersey, bike shoes, bike socks, body glide, cap, wool hat, CO2 dispenser, digital camera, earplugs, endurox, accelerade, gu, powerbars, fule belt, 2 pair gloves, hiking shoes, passport, wallet, phone and charger, race belt, some books, running shoes, racing top, long sleeve racing top, sun block, sunglasses, sweat pants, vaseline, watch, wetsuit, body glide, airborne, aspirin, assorted vitamins, ziplock bags, melatonin, pedal wrench, power converter, zip ties.

I managed to lose the receipt from a recent trip to the Sports Basement which was notable for its amount but much more so for its length, I am guessing over 2 feet.

I am officially in information detox and my only exception will be to post updates leading up to and after the race!

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