Full Disclosure

OK. We are now 15 hours from the start (Friday at 10AM PST).  Full coverage available at ironmanlive.com. I am race number 810 and Julie is 1108.

The weather has done another about face and the forecast for race day looks good but potentially sunny and quite warm. At this point I am expecting anything. We are all checked in and now only have to avoid getting clipped by a car in town. In the spirit of full disclosure I have prepared a complete list of things that could go wrong or reasons I might not perform particularly well. Just to have them out there. (These do not apply to Julie.)

I rolled my left ankle four weeks ago and the tendons on the outside are still sore. I have had a minor but chronic nagging hip flexor. Tapering for two weeks is new to me and if I were a betting man I would conclude that I am rapidly losing fitness and getting heavier (I am told the rest is essential). My bike nutrition in training was a pair of Boca brand veggie burgers with ketchup and chips. No Boca burgers here so I am trying veggie dogs, they might make me horribly sick. My running shoes are slightly worn. I have never changed a tubular tire. I have never actually biked the full 112 miles. There is much less ozone here, I may be burnt to a crisp. I could get hit by a golf ball (see previous post). I may have checked my run stuff into my bike bag and vice versa. I may oversleep. I may develop a sudden allergy to Gu.

I feel much better now.

Next report will be post-event!


  1. Nick Wilder

    We’re watching and cheering from Webshots HQ! Looks like a perfect day and you’re off to a good start!

  2. Jon Luff

    I have been watching all day. You swim looked good. Julie’s swim looked good too. You had a great ride as did Julie. Based on the pro’s times it looked like there wasn’t much wind (if any at all) and that the heat was manageable. [Narendra’s note: See summary regarding wind!]
    I have been waiting for running splits for that last 3hrs, but their chip/timing system is not working. All of the run splits are unreasonable. It is 12:30 here and I am calling it quits for the night and going to bed. The website does have you finishing 821 so maybe you have finished and none of your times are up yet. If you did finish that means you ran a 3:30 marathon (which would be amazing). I suspect that I am looking at more website errors.
    If you make it and if you read this in the next 12-15 hours congratulations.
    It’s bedtime on the east coast.
    Eileen says, “Yeah, Narendra and Julie!!!!!!!” I hope you guy make it.

  3. Nick Wilder

    CONGRATULATIONS! Nice finish positions – did you guys train together or something? Great accomplishment; hope you get to relax and enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Megan Wilder

    Narendra and Julie,
    Woo Hooooo! Congratulations on finishing and kicking some major butt! I have been sending you guys huge doses of good vibes all day. Hope you are now able to enjoy some nice mellow vacation relaxation… after you sleep for about a week…
    One last thing… was any part of the race enjoyable?
    You guys are amazing! Megan

  5. Tommy Butler

    You rock, boss.

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