Jim Rome on Jason Giambi

For all those myopic, contrarian, or otherwise ignorant people out there who make light of the problem of steroids and other drugs in sports, have a look at Jason Giambi’s season this year. Jim Rome offers a nice summary:

Yankee DH Jason Gambi continues to struggle and now he’s turned to Don Mattingly to help him out of his slump.  Look, Donnie Ballgame’s the man, but the Yankees couldn’t dig up Ruth, Mantle and Gehrig to give him batting lessons and it wouldn’t make a difference. Fact is, Giambi is the biggest bust in the history of free agency and nothing is going to change that. It appears that Jason was the ultimate steroid phenomenon, who was an MVP with roids and a fringe big leaguer without them. Or worse yet, Jason plays like Jeremy Giambi without roids. And unless Mattingly is going to starting feeding him some more of those horse hormones or whatever he was shooting up, it’s not going to make a difference.


  1. Anonymous

    So has Rome eaten his words yet on this one?

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