No Sleeves

I am slated to do Escape from Alcatraz tomorrow! Unfortunately, I am still battling the sluggishness and intermittent neck stiffness. To a littany of possible causes, I am now suspecting a some sort of lingering virus causing meningitis. It has been about 4 weeks so things should start getting better if that is the case.

All hypochondria aside, I got in the Bay the last 2 days. The first time, I went sleeveless! Not so much fun. Well, certainly not the first 5 minutes! It is much easier to swim without the sleeves but I am not sure I want to feel the pain 🙂

My plan is to do the swim and most likely stop after that. If it is nice and I am relaxed, I’ll consider taking my time and doing the bike, and then assess again for the run…

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