The Rock

8916166028f_1I paddled my way across from Alcatraz!  I am finally starting to feel dramatically better and on Sunday, I told myself I would take it one event at a time.

My main highlight was discovering the "Lido Deck" on the ferry carrying 1600 people out to the start. Deck 3 only had a few corporate sponsors hanging out by a breakfast buffet so instead of being sardined together with lots of amped neoprene clad goggle toting folks, I managed to recline and do some yoga and stretching in the hour leading up to the jump.

The swim was choppy and had some crazy currents but as long as you don’t panic and just keep paddling you eventually get there. The bike is just plain hilly and somewhat dangerous with idiots passing you on the right and a few 90 degree turns. The run for me was long. I repeat long.  All in all, considering I hadn’t done any training or athletic endeavor for 5 weeks, I was pretty proud to make it to the finish line.

Despite the hype, it is a pretty cool event! More photos here.

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