Walt Mossberg – Baseball Blogger

Walt Mossberg has officially sanctioned blogging for the masses.  His blog at msn spaces is about baseball (he is a Red Sox fanatic). I hope he updates it frequently because there aren’t that many good baseball blogs out there. The only peril is if he gets consumed by it, loses his day job at the WSJ and is relegated to supporting himself with Google AdSense pennies…


  1. There actually are quite a few good baseball blogs, and I lack the free time to really compete with them. But, just in case I do get addicted and lose my job at the Journal, how much can you rake in from those Google ads?

  2. Narendra

    Well start by multiplying your page views by $10 (best of the best scenario) and then divide by 1000…

    You might get good seats though assuming you were influential 🙂

  3. Mark Strabala

    Try reading these 2 books. They will help you with you fix for RED SOx Nation stuff. Sam Moffie’s SWAP and Howard Camerik’s THE CURSE OF CARL MAYS.

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