Life After Webshots

I may have been in denial, or just busy migrating to a Mac (more on that later!), but I haven’t gotten a chance to post about my last day with CNET and Webshots.

After many years, 4 business entities, 5 business locations, and numerous job descriptions, Nick Wilder and I have made the leap into the free world. In fact, I have it on video tape–Nick actually “leaving the building” with his box (and his chair!)

[Video clip above requires QuickTime: has the excellent new h264 codec! mpg video available here]

I will indulge in a single paragraph of nostalgia. Webshots was the killer screensaver application that grew into the largest photo sharing community. As a business, it was always profitable and never had venture money. The company pioneered user-generated content and a public community, tapping social networking before it was a commonplace term. Out of the growth was born one of the first and largest content/service subscription businesses in addition to a burgeoning online media property. I am very grateful to have worked with so many talented and dedicated individuals over the years and feel secure in knowing that CNET was the perfect company to carry on our history of growth and continue to innovate around photos.

What’s next? Well, after having some time recently to start tinkering, Nick, Julie and I have set out to conquer some web applications that need attention. We have started a small shop called 83 degrees. Stay tuned…

some photos from our last day


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  4. Anonymous

    Great work on Webshots! At Fotki, we looked up to your growth. Best of luck with 83degrees. We’ll be watching 🙂

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