Back on the Bike

With Wildflower starting to loom like the beginning of Spring, I dusted off the bike and suffered for more than 3 hours today.  I have a recurring fantasy that I will actually feel good on a ride one day but given my sporadic bike training and generally pessimisted attitude, I’m not holding my breath.

A couple of items. First, this year’s NZ Ironman was essentially cancelled because of high winds.  They scrapped the swim and had half the bike and half the run. I feel very grateful that Julie and I had decent weather last year. It would have been totally demoralizing to train all winter and then not be able to do the actual event!

Second, with our latest endeavor, 30 Boxes, I have figured out how to post my training schedule. You can create events with a certain tag (in this case, "training") and then share only that tag.  It is pretty slick and I have a badge over on the left so you can see upcoming training schedules and click through to look into the past.

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