Invert Your Mac Screen – CTRL-OPTION-APPLE-8

Who knew? My friend Jon has a 10-month old boy who spends his free time hammering on any laptop computer he can get in front of. Jon claims the tot is “working on a compiler.” It turns out that an odd keystroke series on a Mac will actually invert the screen (negative).


  1. That’s one of the accessibility features. I find Command+Option+8 to be more useful, instantly zooms in on the cursor. You can zoom in and out too with Command+Option+9 and Command+Option+0 if I recall correctly too.

  2. J

    Command+Option+9 and Command+Option+0 and Command+Option+8 dont work on my computer how do i get it to work reply

  3. Mike

    Command+Option+8 turns on the magnifier accessibility feature.
    Command+Option+= : zoom in to the level set in the Accessibility Preferences
    Command+Option+- : zoom out …

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