War Slingbox!

I first saw slingbox at the D conference more than 2 years ago. Today, I got one at BestBuy and managed to get it up and running in 44 minutes. That’s it. To get it going on your local network is trivial. I did have to tweak my router to use it remotely but it works, even over Verizon EVDO with mediocre reception.

Now, I want a SlingPlayer for Mac!

I am watching Anchorman right now from my Comcast DVR. Very cool.

“my apartment smells of rich mahogany”



  1. Julie Davidson

    For many, perhaps not a necessary product. But when you need that Survivor fix late at night and your away from home… it sure is nice.

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  3. I use a program called Orb, and I’ve been able to watch Family guy episodes on my cell phone.

  4. hey, guy, we met today at office2.0conf

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