Is Google Arrogant or Really Really Clever?

There is a bit of hubub about a recent announcement on Google’s blog regarding trademarks.

After reading the post, my question is this: is the title of the post:

Do You “Google?”

a play on Yahoo’s long time marketing slogan:

Do You Yahoo?

If so, then it is clearly cocky and arrogant.

If not, then Google just looks silly by running against the same popular grain that has made them so big while inadvertently tramping on Yahoo’s intellectual property.

Which is it?


  1. Put this google post in context with another when they announced google custom search engine.

    The title of that post was: Eureka! Your own search engine has landed!
    Ever heard of Eurekster? wow.

  2. maverick

    Google’s situation in China is not well these days.

  3. I love the Goog, but they are funny sometimes about how sharing their juice.

  4. Brian

    They really need to put more thought into their titles.

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