Movie: Casino Royale

2 of 4 STARS (ratings explained)
It is fast-paced, edgy, and pure James Bond. Solid entertainment scuffed only by some chases that you wish Hollywood could find the humility to trim by 20%.

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  1. Julie Davidson

    I give it three stars šŸ™‚ Daniel Craig is an excellent new Bond. My only complaint is the blatant product placement. Since when does Bond drive a Ford??

  2. Hillary

    > Since when does Bond drive a Ford??

    HA! We had the exact same thought when he rolled into that hotel parking lot. Too funny.

  3. Hey you! He recently just became a 00, and went away on non-official business! Maybe he just hadn’t received his first pay-check by then?

  4. Loved the flick…although it was a bit non-bond kinda flick, with Bond falling in love etc.

  5. Eva brown did a great job as well.

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