Google Accounts and Email Addresses

Am I missing something or does Google not handle multiple email addresses per account? I have been invited to a few Google Groups recently and if it doesn’t go to my logged in gmail address then it tells me I have joined but won’t show me the group. WTF?

How can you have that many freaking engineers and not get the basics of usability down?

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  1. Nick

    Possibly worse: you can have multiple accounts under the same email address. I routinely log in to adsense only to be told that my password was correct for another account, but not for the adsense account, even though the email is the same!

  2. When they merged in writely and spreadsheets to docs, they really screwed up. I still have to log into two different accounts to access my files. And at first, some of my files were missing or I couldn’t access the account that created them.

    They need to so some serious account management upgrading.

  3. They really did make a mess of this. I have the same problem that Nick has with logging in because my password is different from “my account” to adsense/adwords but the email address is the same. I emailed them and all I got was a can of ham response about it.

  4. Dave

    You’re all wrong. Google allows you to create multiple email addresses by using the period “.” character.

    This is useful for giving untrustworthy sites a derivitive of your email address, which you can then set up a filter for.

    Gmail also allow you to send and receive and check mail from other accounts through a simple verification process. Gmail does just about everything. You just have to read the documentation a little to see that it’s all there. (Plus, it is still in Beta, guys).

  5. Dale

    I think I share your pain: I want to access the group from the web (e.g. to modify pages), but I’m subscribed from a different address than (either) of my Google accounts. I feel like I should be able to manage my subscriptions under a single Google account, while using whatever address is appropriate (e.g. work, school, personal) to correspond with the group.

  6. Paul

    I have this same issue… I use the same Google username, but depending on the Google App, my passwords are different.

    Another offending Google app that hasn’t been mentioned is Google Finance.

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