Enjoying Moab

climbing just north of arches

Team "All Over the Map" has landed in Utah.  Well, actually Durdam, Mahir, and I met in LAX on our way to the Eagle Vail airport in Colorado.  Mahir survived being evicted from his cab on the way to the airport after he got mad at a cab driver for, get this, watching a DVD while driving the cab!

We holed up in Beaver Creek for the night and then hit I70 headed west for Moab.  It’s one of those places that if you’ve never been, it’s hard to grasp.  I first went in 1994 and it is still a sleepy natural wonderland.  We met up with Nick (our 4th teammate) and his wife, Megan, in town, had a snack, collected assorted bike equipment and unloaded at our rented condo a few miles south of town.

Our first destination was the Slickrock Trail to play around, challenge ourselves, and avoid falling over.  We followed that up by tieing off to Nick’s Prius and practicing some 60 foot rappels for the upcoming race.

Yesterday we headed north of Arches National Park for a day of incredibly scenic rock climbing.  Durdam, Mahir and I are complete novices but Nick and Megan are excellent instructors.  Our sturdy Nissan Quest Minivan survived getting stuck in the sand and then an amazing drive south through a huge section of Arches.

what is your quest?

free marketing advice for Nissan:  "what is your quest?"

Today is gear preparation day!  Race tomorrow…

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