Yahoo! Mail Redux

A while back I griped about Yahoo! Mail beta. It was nice but oh so slow. It also didn’t handle multiple accounts. With the recent global release, I gave it another shot, and I pleased to say that this is the finest web mail app I have used (caveat: I have not tried the new upgrade to .Mac).

Better than Gmail? Yep. It has a much cleaner UI, nicer integration with chat/messenger, rss feeds and a notification of new feeds (could do better here — like bold instead of the wimpy explosion graphic). Gmail’s performance gains originally outweighed their design risks and clutter. Not anymore.

Yahoo! Mail represents forward progress. I’ll be honest though; email needs to be totally reinvented from interface to feature set. It has served its time and someone needs to take it up a whole new level. Business idea, hmm…

[tags]yahoomail, gmail, email, web2.0[/tags]

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