Getting a Handle on SxSWi

SxSW is a microcosm of the information and opportunity overload presented daily online. @tempo is my all-purpose filter.

@lancearmstrong gives great food recommendations.

@byranmason is onto something pretty big.

is back on a PC. Is Facebook the new Microsoft?

@davemorin can’t stop loving the web

@blaine now lives in Northern Ireland is figuring out how social objects can talk to each other.

@missrogue is now working for the man. Her book drops in April — buy now.

@sacca won the rookie of the year award in a unanimous decision.

#diggnation and @kevinrose worship is bizarre and verging on disturbing.

Owen Brainard will never be on twitter. He is also one extraordinarily funny individual.

Eastside Cafe is my favorite restaurant in Austin.

@32bit took a lesson from @garyvee and flash mobbed (ok, slow played) an epic bash.

@kathysierra loves cute animals and is incredibly persuasive.

@bruces had me from hello. I wish I had been to one of his parties, but I am content being part of the people “formerly known as the audience.”

Adaptive Path had more talent in one small company than should actually be allowed.

@heathr can come up with witty responses faster than I can process the input.

@zappos is redefining cool.

@julie wants more followers so she can crush @joshmedia (who is going next year).

@zachallia first time to austin RT “is falling in love with Austin… Never thought i’d like Texas” and finally met @quepol. The two biggest community contributors to @30boxes. Web2.0 FTW.

@photomatt reads and travels more than most people know. I just ordered Words that Work.

@brianoberkirch is that good of a guy.

@foursquare could end up being both very big and very revenue generating.

@boomer went from newbie to veteran in one year

I don’t think that @realsethrogen acts. He pretty much just is.

@miketatum Austin wants you back. @om Austin wants you period.

@monstro and @benbrown will be in the hall of fame some day especially if they control who is voting.

Finally, Austin is in no jeopardy or losing its weirdness.

Feel free to tweet it up, retweet it, repost it, remix it. Or write your own version.

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