Introducing Taggable

After a couple months of work, I am excited to put our latest product, Taggable, out into the wild. Facebook became a dominant photo sharing platform because of many core innovations but the one that really got them going was allowing people to tag others in photos.  This created an instant “people” vector to traverse image content and it turns out to be a highly addictive one.

Now that Facebook has achieved a supermass of friend connections, we found it irresistible not to apply the idea of people tagging to the open web.  After all, people are in photos, videos, blog posts, and pages everywhere. People make up the web.

Taggable lets you do just that — tag your Facebook friends anywhere on the Web.

With a handful of publisher and viewer tools we are hoping we can start the great crowd-sourced task of re-indexing a web of documents into a web of people.

We have a lot of fun integrations coming with great services like WordPress, TwitVid, TweetPhoto, and TypePad.  Follow us @taggable for the latest info.  Also, a shout out to @biz for product vetting.

Join the people tagging movement today!

Update (3.13.12): We shut down Taggable because we couldn’t quite get the traction we were hoping for.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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