Favorite Thing?

After concluding another “silly” weekend, I got to thinking about what I could share. What is my favorite thing about running 22 miles in Golden Gate Park? Is it the chaffed nipples and thighs? Maybe the slight bruising from the fuel belt? It might be a wonderful awareness of tendons in my knees and ankles? Perhaps the giddy endorphin and Gu inspired high that helps neutralize blackened toe nails? Or the realization that the pool closes at 6pm and that leaves only 30 minutes to eat some food and get on to the next activity.

The crowning moment came in the locker room at USF after swimming. Since college I have developed a habit of never allowing my toes to actually touch the floor in bathrooms, showers or public places. It turns out that after much exercise this foot gesture is immediately conducive to cramping! I found myself on a bench trying and failing to coax my toes into touching the floor. The muscle memory literally overrode my brain and the pain and they refused, which led to more cramping and a rather pathetic state.

Thanks again to the parentals who accompanied Julie and I on an epic 90+ hilly *ss mile ride from the bridge to Marshall and back.

I had to leave work today to visit a GNC for an emergency Accelerade refueling.  Other than that, I am alive and kicking.

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