Barry Bonds Opening Day

I am officially embarrased to call San Francisco home. It appears that the home crowd gave Barry a standing ovation on opening day.

There is a wealth of circumstantial evidence that he is a drug cheat with no respect for the game of baseball.  One of the more damning articles over the last year referenced audio of Bonds’ personal trainer bragging about being able to beat the tests.

This should come as little surprise as the BALCO operation was purposefully engineered to defeat the much more extensive testing in Track and Field. What is irksome is that there is very little leaping to do to surmise that Barry (and trainer) actively recruited other team members like Benito Santiago and others (implicated).

I was at all the Giants’ post-season games in 2003 and this has completely cheapened the memory.

Baseball needs a new comissioner who isn’t afraid to let some heads roll. Barry should be out of the game along with other high profile cheats.

They ruin the purity of the game and obscure the remarkable achievements of great ballplayers like Steve Finley. [Disclosure: Steve is a friend]

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