Jason Giambi’s Secret – Basball and Steroids

So, how did Jason do it? He went from unable to hit minor league pitching to 14 home runs in July. He is visibly 20-30 pounds heavier. Did his depression over being outed for steroids in the spring cause him to binge on consolation foods?

I think he has found some great new supplements and has concocted a formula that could be a life changer for all the other cheaters out there. It’s Jiambi Juice. Drink it up before they start testing for it!!

The Palmeiro story just adds to the pathetic state of professional sports.

There is a first step toward a remedy. Make the risk intolerable. Busted for drugs, you are out of the game or out 90% of your salary (generously donated to drug awareness programs). This 10 game crap is nonsense and all this plausible deniability makes me ill. Giambi has nothing to lose, he has no respect, and has all his money, why wouldn’t he take every drug he could get his hands on to play better at least until he is caught again.

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