Tiburon to Tam

Well, it was an epic weekend.

Perambulate, baby.

It turns out one can go quite far on foot.  I got it into my head that I would attempt the south face of Mt. Tam starting from the very end of Tiburon.  More than 5 hours and nearly 23 miles later, I had ascended to the top of East peak and returned all the way back to Tiburon.

Tiburon_to_tamIt was a great experience with some fun stops along the way. Nick joined in for the Tam portion and we found a lemonade and cookie stand on the way down. For one dollar we got two cookies and two ice cold drinks from som 6 year olds.  I bumped into Julie who had biked 70 miles with Megan and was out for a short hour jog.  And at one point I found myself running down E. Blithedale with a bagel and gatorade in one hand and water and some veggie jerky in the other.

Outside of the blisters and some hot dusty moments toward the top of Mt. Tam, it was pretty darn fun.

I managed 10 hilly miles the night before so I am as prepared as a novice can get. At least, I think so. (?)

According to MotionBased there was 10k elevation change, surprising because Mt. Tam is only 2500 ft. high.

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