There is a new browser in town – Flock. I just gave it a test drive, and it looks great, works fine, and has some curious new additions (inspirations) – mostly for people who blog. These include a “topbar” that can have Flickr photos or a gateway to your blog. There is integration with del.icio.us as well.

I love that there are people out there still trying to improve the browsing experience, but as a business, I am not sure where this is going. Flock is Firefox with a lot of extensions/plugins and they could get some revenue from gateway search kickbacks, but this browser directly competes with Firefox which is already on the fringe.

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  1. I agree: I really dont know how such companies will make any money – where is the biz modell behind this? It’s funny to make a new browser – ok – but how will they ever get any money. Sorry, but this reminds me also a bit to the internet hype in the end of the 90s.

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