Techcrunch Meetup #3

Further evidence that the Web Renaissance is in full swing. 200 people in a random backyard in Atherton–on a Friday night! This is either a case of the web connecting a lot of people with absolutely zero social lives or a lot of people pretty excited about forthcoming products and businesses.

Kudos to Michael Arrington for hosting again. The numbers have jumped from 10-60-200+ and I’m pretty sure his Atherton neighbors may have a thing or two to say if it gets any bigger.

Dave Winer gave an inspired pep talk recounting his frustration with the first go round (circa 1999) with this gem, “I didn’t come here to talk about f_ing pet food.” His main focus was to encourage people to go after blogging tools, and big ticket items like search (not vertical search mind you).

Maybe they can host the next one at Fry’s in Palo Alto. Now that would be trippy.


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