Prudential: She’s Worth $43,461

PrudentialPer year. In this month’s Fortune Magazine which features “The 50 Most Powerful Women in Business”, Prudential is running an ad that is a marvel of insensitivity, the least of which is feeding one’s fears of losing a loved one!

How do you insult women and men in 3 sentences?

The copy for this ad reads:

What would you do? How would you manage? Caring for a child or elderly parent, cleaning the house, driving the kids to soccer practice, cooking meals.

A recent study concluded that the value of the things she does can be as much as $43, 461 per year, not including overtime…

Great job marketing team, hope that ad pulls huge in your target demo.

One comment

  1. Paul Worthington

    Good gosh, that seems like satire!
    In an issue devoted to women in business, the ad lists only the most cliche house wife tasks as the value of a presumably now dead mother?!
    It really seems as if a snide advertising writer wrote mean snarky “filler copy” for the designer — and the filler copy made it to the final print by mistake.
    I can’t imagine that being sincere and/or half-way intelligent ad copy otherwise.

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