Where Do I Start?

After a good long break (mental and physical), I am gearing up for 2006.  Right now, there are two items on the docket: Wildflower Long Course and the big one, the West Highland Way Race  (nearly 100 miles across Scotland!)

True to form, I am making my life a little more complicated by trying to combine a half-ironman and an ultra trail run in the same season and I will probably pay for it. I am hoping to short-cut the biking for Wildflower (a very dangerous tact!) and focus on being in very good long distance and hill shape.  Of course, I’ll pay for it at the end of the ride but that is ok because my main impetus for Wildflower is to have several hours of discomfort, a twisted form of mental training!

My main preparation involves: 1) shedding some chub; 2) getting my feet, ankles, knees, and legs very balanced and strong with the help of the bosu ball; 3) and finally, an escalating series of back-to-back runs every 3-4 weeks that are quite long and building to 20+ miles on consecutive days.

I am excited about the challenge of training 🙂

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