30 Boxes Launch – Vlogged!

After far too much hype we turned 30 Boxes live today. This little clip about sums it up. Requires Quicktime with the H264 codec, so if you get an error or can’t see anything. Go download it. Play Video.

With 2000 new users in the first couple of hours, smart money says the site is going down tomorrow. We still have a lot to do.

30B Blog is now open as well.


  1. The site and blog do seem to be down.

    It would be good to have the blog or some sort of status page someplace that won’t go down.

    But while it was up, it was great.

    I just wish I had thought to subscribe to all the events I entered with ical before the site went down.

    [Narendra: we turned back on signups and things heated up a bit too much! We are back to normal now. As we scale up, we will use this blog as status… ]

  2. Thanks.

    I see you’re back up and have a pointer to this blog now.

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