Joel Spolsky and Cursory Journalism

Joel on Software recently lumped and panned a lot of the new calendar apps. He’s entitled to his own opinion. I just take issue with the lack of thoroughness with which some people approach writing articles.

Joel, if you had taken a look at some of the information that was out there about 30 Boxes, you would have seen that we are outspoken about erring on the side of simplicity. There is a massive market of people who have yet to form calendar habits and/or are simply frustrated with the Outlook paradigm.

And trust me, your “needs” are on the absolute highest end of features, and we explicitly set out not to design this calendar for you.

I am sorry you won’t be paying attention to 30B as it grows. So far, we are quite encouraged: with 18,000 users signed up in the first 10 days, a full 35% of those have visited the site in the last 24 hours. With our forthcoming API, we are confident that there will be applications built on top of 30B that take calendaring to unforseen and exciting places.

One more thing, we didn’t build this calendar for Yahoo! Scoble and Jeff Clavier (who has posted about what we really are up to) take the time to get to know the people putting out products before making assumptions on their business objectives.

Anyway, when assessing your criticisms we are going to take your advice: “You don’t build a product for one customer. It’s just too risky.” 😉

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