25k/50k ~Approximately

Image_029It is an adrenaline fueled Monday, and only that adrenaline is keeping from finding some nice sofa to recline upon.

I completed another epic back-to-back: shuffling 14-15 or so on Saturday evening and then backing that up with a 31 mile epic on Sunday.

So, basically, to really fully comprehend yesterday’s ordeal, you pretty much need to a) live in the Bay Area and b) have done some biking.  Only a borderline nut job (self-professed) would start a run from the end of Tiburon, scramble up Mt. Tam, descend, and meander over to SF, traverse, and finish on top of Twin Peaks.

The crazy thing is that I am basically OK today except for some bleary eyes and some tender feet.  Julie was kind enough to join in for the Mt Tam section (about 8 miles) and pick me up at the end with an assortment of food, beverages, and ice packs!

I feel good about the weekend, but not great about the WHW, 100 miles still seems too far. I am tempering my expectations a tad as only about 50% of people finish their first 100 miler.

Lots of food and liquids will be consumed today!

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