A Rating System

Recently, I have found myself wanting to share reviews of different things like movies, books, restaurants here on No Soap but I realized that I need a consistent ratings system and one that would apply accross categories. Obviously there are lots of ways that people have devised scales but under my jurisdiction here his how I do it!

4 STARS – a classic that requires multiple viewings (etc.) to merit such a rating.

3 STARS – good to great. Something very enjoyable that stays with you and you would happily repeat. It may have some minor flaws.

2 STARS – entertainment, or a way to pass the time. It could be outstandingly bad but have some odd redeeming quality. You wouldn’t necessarily repeat the experience.

1 STAR – not worth your time.

That’s it. I felt that any more granularity (e.g. out of 10) would be hard for me to keep straight. There is one other RULE. If you have any doubt about which category something belongs, you must choose the lower one.

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