Is Time Magazine Still Relevant?

The subject is meant to be dramatic and rhetorical. Have a look at the 5 year graph of rank from Alexa (imperfect, of course), but certainly not indicative of the clout one might expect from such an immense brand.

alexa graph of

More shocking is the apparent lack of relevancy of to Google (and other search engines). My evidence is purely anecdotal, but pretty eye-opening. Time publishes a new magazine each week that hits newstands on Mondays. The online version is available around midnight EST. This week Time put out a piece called “The Next YouTubes” which featured several companies including,, and along with a sidebar touting 37signals. The last company listed (three cheers!) was 30 Boxes. Now, in the PR world, a “hit” in Time magazine should be considered a crowning jewel.

We are certainly honored and undoubtedly building some brand awareness among an older demographic, but the impact, however, is relatively contained in scope.
Why? It seems that Google simply doesn’t index Time magazine with any frequency. One would imagine that Time would be quickly included in Google News and then echo out from there, but 48 hours 5 days later, searching Google news for Yelp, Zillow, et. al. won’t lead you to the Time article.

So is this a shortcoming of Google News or does Google not deem Time relevant? I’d love to hear from some new media marketing experts like Jeremey Pepper or Steve Rubel!

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  1. CJ

    is it possible that news organizations submit their sites to google news and that is how they are indexed? it sometimes takes up to 6 weeks to get your web site indexed, so how do news orgs get their recent articles up there?

    i’ve been wondering that for some time, i hope someone has an answer for you.


  2. Jenna

    Do they publish online only once a week? maybe if thats the case, the googlebots tried visiting but so often dont find a change and decrease their frequency because of that. It could also mean that blogs would be more likly to link to news sources who publish as the news comes and thusly not give Time much rank from that aspect

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