Blogging Twitterers — Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

I have been writing and talking about twitter for some time. 30 Boxes now has some office space with the Obvious/twitter folks and I have been recently coding new features to integrate twitter behaviour within 30B.

My fascination with twitter is primarily around its open ended use cases and the fact that it falls squarely into a new genre of communication apps like 30 Boxes. In fact, we are developing for it because it is very much integral to the notion of “what am I doing / what are my friends doing?” which is really what 30B is all about.

That said, it certainly has required a lot of patience watching prominent bloggers pontificate about the definition and future of twitter! Here’s my version for the record:

1) twitter is not revolutionary but has the potential to be big in a mainstream way and potentially a lucrative business

2) twitter is not inherenty useful but may prove to be with the right application filters

3) twitter can be highly entertaining and therein most likely lies the $

4) twitter is the simplest product that defies easy explanation

5) twitter is instantly attractive to extroverted, info-consuming, highly opinionated bloggers because it is so easy and provides instant feedback. Unfortunately, the brevity that makes twitter alluring ultimately limits the depth of discussion and consequently any a-listers audience. My best guess for the big time bloggers is that they can only hope for 5% of their readers to follow their twitters which behooves them not to forget their original talent!

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