Wow. Harmony 880 Universal Remote Works!

After years of doing the remote control shuffle including some failed attempts at having one remote dominate the other, I picked up a Harmony 880.

To my astonishment, this thing actually works and I have put my tv remote, av remote, dvd remote, comcast remote, and apple tv remote all in a box on a shelf.

In my hand is one remote to rule them all.

Harmony has created an excellent web application to help you build up your remote around activites (e.g. watch tv, listen to the radio) and it has the nuance to handle even tricky stuff like getting apple tv on board and even including the 30 second skip for a comcast dvr.


  1. hillary

    good to know it works so well! this has been on my wishlist for the past two christmases, but i guess it’s a little too geeky for my fam to take the plunge. 🙂

    guess i’ll finally have to go get one.

  2. Don

    Narendra —

    I too got one of these for Christmas and it’s awesome. Gone are the cable, tv, dvd, stereo, and apple tv remote. I think I was most impressed that the 5 button Apple translation worked as it should on the Harmony. Very cool.


  3. rahmin

    hey narendra – amazon threw in a harmony 550 (cheaper in as much as it doens’t have color display or rechargeable batters) when i bought a tv from them over the holidays.

    it works and i’ve put all of my other remotes away too!

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