Clemens Please Retire. Republicans in Congress, WTF!?

I need to get this off my mind and then move on.  Clemens and his lawyers make up a vile trinity (photo) of some of the worst qualities in our culture: greed, manipulation, and a complete lack of accountability.

Between Barry and Roger, baseball has been pretty much destroyed for me.  The arrogance of these guys is mind numbing.

Performance enhancing drugs will be a major part of every single sport that has a potential pay off.  It is all about the money and until there is a penalty system that makes the reward not worth the risk, all sports will be affected.  For baseball, there are two options: fine players enormous sums retroactively (full salaries or more) and hold teams accountable.  If a starting player on a team fails a drug test then the team forfeits the next game or possibly loses eligibility for the post-season.   There needs to be a culture of enforcement, not silence.   Until then, just look around at sports with smaller payouts (e.g. cycling) — drugs are everywhere.

The show that the republicans put on during the hearing was so egregious that for the first time in my life I thought about becoming a politician.  These people are an embarrassment.  Ignorance + partisanship is horrifying.

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