How bad is Lost?

I have been hooked on Lost for quite a while.  For the first two seasons I enjoyed the ensemble cast, the flash backs, the puzzles, and the inexplicable.  I forgave some of the aimlessness that crept in for a while.  Season 3 things started to slide into a nagging doubt that the writers were just making stuff up.  Now, part way through Season 4, I am pretty much done.  The show has turned into a soap opera with inferior writing and storylines.

During the writer’s strike, I discovered the Wire which I had somehow missed.  That show is arguable one of the best ever and it may have raised the bar so much that Lost was doomed this season anyhow.

The final straw is ABC’s new promotion for the upcoming show.

“week to week lost only gets better and better”

“thursday an all new Lost is one of the most unforgettable hours of television you’ll experience this season”

Really? I am pretty sure I am not alone in watching and thinking lost is only getting crappier and crappier.

Honestly, this type of faux testimonial should not be allowed by the FCC.

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  1. Barbara

    I disagree. I think “Lost” has been pretty good this season. They’ve been answering some questions (while introducing others – admittedly), but I really feel like it is on a course toward conclusion, which I didn’t feel for most of Season 2 and the beginning of season 3.

  2. Lost is suffering from the answers not being as interesting as the questions, but I think that was inevitable. I think the mystery has been handled better than any other show I can think of. Remember how sick we got of the ‘black goo’ plot in the ‘X-Files’, or how convoluted the twists and turns became in JJ Abrams earlier ‘Alias’.
    Lost may still prove to be a giant let down, but I see plenty of evidence that the writers have a plan. The difficulty with this type of show is it can only end in one of two ways: 1. A ‘Prisoner’/’Twin Peaks’/’Quantum Leap’ style enigmatic riddle of a finale (which will retain the mystery, but piss off most people), or 2. An ‘all is revealed’ ending, which will most likely not live up to the hype that has been generated. (or, 3. Premature cancellation!)
    Lose, lose. Lost.

  3. Hey, this buddy card thing is pretty neat!

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