Wildflower Strikes Again

I confess, I wasn’t trained.

Since doing the WF Long Course last year (2007), I only got out on my road bike twice so I was bracing for the worst.  Despite just a couple trips to the pool in the last few months, I was able to click off a pretty good swim.

I have no explanation for my surprising bike split.  I managed a full 8 minutes faster than last year and all I can think is that either my homespun yoga (strength??) or a relaxed attitude led me to be more patient and efficient.  I was out of T2 with a time of 3:55 and actually believed that I might make a bit of a performance jump.

Wrong again Flanders!

The first 4 miles went well and then that classic Wildflower hight eighties heat set in and I faded hard.  Amazing by mile 7, I could see that magical 6:20 time chasing me down.

So here you go, over the last four years, my times have been just 3:30 apart over 70 miles and 3 disciplines. Go figure!

6:23 (2005)
6:20 (2006)
6:24 (2007)
6:22 (2008)

One year, I’ll have to do some serious training an turn in a respectable run 🙂

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