Weather Western States Training Run

What a difference a year makes.  Last May, we went up to Foresthill to partake in the annual WS100 training run.  The first run is about 32 miles from Robinson Flat to Foresthill and it was HOT and dusty.

This year Durdam and Mahir are on the shelf so I made the trek solo.  Well, instead of temps near 90, it was in the low 40s!  For the first 30 minutes there was snow and sleet.  After that, just a steady cold rain for hours.

I’ll be honest, with no sun and heat, it is less exhausting and you don’t have to worry much about hydration.  On the flip side, it was horribly muddy and physically more demanding because of all the slipping and sliding.

It was so cold I had to keep moving and go faster (almost 2 hours quicker than last year!) because anytime I stopped (even for a minute or two) I started to get really cold really fast.

Happiness was the seat heater on max, the car temperature in the mid-eighties and the vents on high!

Fortunately, I have discovered trail shoes (Montrail all the way) and appreciate good socks.  Amazing that it took a few years to understand the basics of this nut job sport.

Today, I am enjoying cookies and doing nothing.

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