30 Hours Til The Start

I am tapping away from a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The West Highland Way Race (Slog) begins at 1AM Saturday morning. That is 5PM Friday (California) or 8PM Friday (New York).

I think I am ready after an exhaustive check list, many purchases, and all this with a support crew of five!

Bottom line: this is really far.  My previous long distance is 50 miles and the WHWR is 96+ (assuming you don’t get lost).  I have set out a few targets as goals but there are some major wild cards.  Let’s deal with those first:

weather:  the weather can be quite dramatic here and on three different occasions it has halted the race;

mechanical: I am definitely determined but I am not going to jeopardize my future running ability.

My primary concerns include:  consuming adequate food and drink; remaining alert enough to avoid twisting an ankle or taking a fall; staying warm (race temps should be 50-60 degrees); staying on course; and staying cheerful in the face of inclement weather and midges.

Assuming all that goes OK, I am confident of reaching 100k (62 miles).  I will be elated to reach the checkpoint at 80 miles.  Finishing (I give myself a 50/50 shot) will require a bit of grace and take between 24-30 hours and face a second night of running (plodding).

That said, it will be an adventure.  I am well rested and um, "sturdy"–having chosen to train to be big and strong instead of going light and nimble.  I hope to snap some photos and shoot mini videos for a full report of the event. I’ll post when I am coherent and have wifi access again!

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  1. Jon

    Just remember: You need more cowbell!

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