I am up  and about after a serious highland adventure.

The going was a bit more rough than expected.  I managed to get to 50 miles and that required an extraordinary support crew and enduring quite a bit of pain.

The WHWR is the ultimate Scottish nutter experience.  Hard core is definitely the appropriate descriptor, AND this year it was great weather.

I will post a full report soon but my most prominent memory is running through the dark in a cow field following some other nut jobs at 2 in the morning and noticing some guy in the weeds on a cowpath in the dark screaming, "duh-hrain! duh-hrain!" and on the second one realizing that he was yelling, "drain!" at the very instant my left foot was planting in a 1 foot deep ditch sending me sprawling on my hands.

It wasn’t the type of thing you want or expect at around mile 6, but it is what it is.  There were ample opportunities to take a serious digger so I figure, if it wasn’t there it would have been somewhere else.  It didn’t help my chances but in hindsight, I don’t think I am cut out for 100 miles.  It is really really far.

I will say this, it sure was fun.

Photos and story to follow!

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