WHWR Recap

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Sorry for the long delay.  Digital media is time consuming!  My foot has recovered from the "duh-hrain" incident.

I have posted a bunch of photos on Webshots.  I have tried to include a bit of narrative in the photo titles.

Now for the videos.  These are all in Apple Quicktime format so if they don’t play, go download and install the latest version!  (They all open in a new window)

If you only watch one, watch Video 11 in bold.

Video 1: Team Organized — Julie, Dad, and Mom.

Video 2: Team Strong — Tapas and Durdam.

Video 3:  Some commentary at the start in Milgavie outside of Glasgow.

Video 4: 120 or so nut jobs embark on the 96-mile (allegedly, my hunch is that it is longer!) West Highland Way Race. The race starts at 1AM.

Video 5: Sporting my headlamp at around mile 4.

Video 6: Sun starts to rise in the midge infested Garadbhan Forest at mile 15.

Video 7: An amusing look at the crew while they wait at Balmaha.

Video 8: Mile 18, time for some food.  I didn’t eat enough early and just after this clip I started to bonk hard.

Video 9: "Breakfast of Champions" — while I was grinding to a halt, they were indulging…

Video 10: Midge misery at mile 28.  I wanted to drop out here but they forced me onto the next leg.

Video 11: Refuge in the car before heading out for more than 4 hours on my own on the shores of Loch Lomond.

Video 12: Exhausted at mile 44. I would lumber through some tough hills before calling it a day (more than 13 hours) at 50 or so near Tyndrum.

Some additional thoughts:

Scotland is beautiful!

My crew was fantastic and definitely deserve credit for getting me past half-way!  In the few weeks of assimilation I find myself torn.  Part of me wants to get back to some fast stuff, drop some weight and enjoy some time on the track.  Another part of me can’t help but want to someday finish this race.  It is beautiful, difficult, enchanting, and irritating all at the same time.

Descending Conic Hill at about mile 17, I had one Scot showing me how to amble down the steep grassy track telling me with a beaming smile, "ah, this is the daftest thing you’ll every do!"  I was grimacing with each step as I could feel my toes and toenails compacting and this nutter was in a state of elation.

Durdam and Tapas recounted to me that there was one guy who was running quite well who would pull into each meeting point and have a few long drags on a cigarette!  Can you imagine?

My favorite though is learning that the woman who passed my as if I were standing still at mile 8 is a course record holder (17 hours and change) who managed to get lost early on but finish 4th overall.  Apparently she is known as "Mad Kate" which to me is simply hilarious — the nutters think this one is mad!

A hearty congratulations to my friend Tarit who worked on Friday, found his way to the start, gutted his way through the race in 25 hours despite a bum knee completing a record 10th WHWR, and was back at work on Monday!

I can’t say I would do much differently.  I think I should have eaten more and had a sandwich around mile 18.  We could have used a camping stove to heat up some food.  Other than that my training was solid — the next day I could have easily gone for a run or even sprinted!  The distance is just very far and I think it takes a fair amount of time to make that jump from 50 to 100.  Knowing the course a bit more would have taken some of the mental anguish out of the race, but there are more than enough dragons to go around.

It was definitely an adventure!

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  1. Marsha Silver

    I am Snigdha’s sister (I met you years ago at your Mom’s 50th Birthday Party) and I’m in awe of your accomplishment, although you were not able to finish. The videos were a bit short – would have preferred to sit back and view a documentary length video, but I enjoyed it immensely. My sister is sitting next to me at the moment, and this really enhanced our lunch together.
    Best of luck to you.
    Marsha Silver

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